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Anadrol-Oxymetholone – The Strongest Oral On The Market

Anadrol-Oxymetholone – The Strongest Oral On The Market
Anadrol-Oxymetholone is the most powerful oral steroid available. Initially, Anadrol-Oxymetholone was developed in 1960 by the international pharmaceutical company ‘Syntex.’At first, Anadrol-Oxymetholone was originated as a compound to aid people with anemia, and has since been used effectively to help people suffering from several other diseases where weight loss is a worry. Therefore, it is clearly an effectual factor for encouraging weight gain, increasing appetite, attaining strength, and raising Red Blood Cell (RBC) count.
Breakdown of Anadrol-Oymetholone

Anadrol-Oxymetholone is toxic to the liver, and it also aromatizes rather easily. Anadrol-Oxymetholone produces gynecomastia in users not all probably about 50%. An anti-estrogen should be recommended to neutralize the aromatization. The most common anti-estrogen suggested is Nolvadex. Anadrol-Oxymetholone is a 17 alpha-alkylated compound. It is an oral drug with a dosage of 50mg per tablet. It is also known as the most substantial oral on the market.

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 Features Include – 
It produces both high androgenic as well as anabolic outcomes. Strength and weight gains are very significant. A steroid beginner experimenting with Anadrol-Oxymetholone is expected to gain 20 to 30 pounds of massive bulk in a 2 month period. Anadrol-Oxymetholone promotes extensive gains in body strength by meliorating protein synthesis. That’s why bodybuilders and athletes, use the newest form of Anadrol, which is now a legal anabolic supplement.
There are many side effects associated with the old Anadrol-Oxymetholone including acne, hair loss, abdominal pains, headaches, gynecomastia, hypertension, heavy water retention, decreasing strength, nausea, bloating, deepening of the voice, growth of facial hair, and clitoral hypertrophy. Loss of body weight and potency generally occurs after the cycle. Anadrol also closes natural testosterone fabrication. The bodybuilding community is regarded it as the most efficacious oral steroid in building strength and size. The new legal-steroids are non methylated and no longer contain oxymetholone.
Because of its 17a-alkylated arrangement, Anadrol-Oxymetholone is awfully hepatotoxic. This is another reason you want to use the legal-steroids, and not this older muscle builder. Its continued usage can cause a variety of grave problems, which include hepatitis, liver cancer and cirrhosis. The normal quantity of Anadrol-Oxymetholone ranges between 1 to 2 pills daily up to 4 tablets a day. On bulking cycle, Anadrol-Oxymetholone is used with sustanon and deca-durabolin. Jocks often stack Anadrol-Oxymetholone with other steroids in order to gain more benefits.
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How To Purchase Steroids Legally?

How To Purchase Steroids Legally?
Steroids are synthetic hormones that help you get BIG. These drugs, without a doctor’s prescription, are illegal in United States and various other countries of the world. So, you have to be very careful while purchasing legal anabolic steroids.

You should always purchase steroids legally, as this is really beneficial and safe for you. Purchasing black market steroids in illegally way can really put you in trouble; it can result in serious penalty, your job loss, or land you in jail. It is safe and healthy to purchase steroids legally. So, you purchase legal steroids, you must know the steroid laws of your country. The countries like United States and Canada have very strict policies and laws on steroids. Thus, you should not purchase the steroids that are illegal in these countries.

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Where to Purchase Such Supplements 
Of course, you can purchase steroids legally in these countries. Legal steroids are the steroids that have been okayed by the Food & Drug Administration Agencies of these countries. You can purchase steroids legally, with your doctor’s prescription, from any of your local pharmacy. You can also purchase steroids legally online, after consulting properly with the drug monitoring agencies of your respective countries.
It’s always safe to purchase steroids legally from fully-licensed pharmacies or online suppliers. You can find numerous sites that can help you purchases steroids legally online. You can do a little research on any of search engines to find your online site to purchase steroids legally online.
Safe Suppliers
Steroids or anabolic steroids, you know, are the bodybuilding supplements that help in promoting skeletal & muscle growth and to develop male sexual characteristics. Steroids have great protein building properties, but their use has been quite restricted, due to the side effects associated with them.
Steroids have been widely abused by body builders, weightlifters and sports persons. Steroid use is widespread in competitive bodybuilding. These drugs help increasing the power and performance of players, and stamina and strength of bodybuilders. Most of such steroids users buy steroids illegally, because steroids use is illegal in sports. That’s why; you often hear stories about eminent sports persons banned from sports. Purchasing steroids illegally is very risky. Thus, you should always use steroids only under the prescription of a doctor, and purchase steroids legally.
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Looking To Buy Anabolic Steroids No Minimum Order?

Looking To Buy Anabolic Steroids No Minimum Order?
The gigantic online steroid market is the best & convenient place to buy anabolic steroids. There are numerous sites where you can buy a wide range of anabolic steroids online, but at majority of sites, you find “MINIMUM ORDER” condition. What is it?
Actually, most of the sites having minimum order condition do not allow you order bodybuilding supplements below their fixed limit; that means you have to follow their minimum order condition.

However, you can also find sites helping you buy anabolic steroids no minimum order. The best thing about the sites that help you buy anabolic steroids no minimum order online is that allow you buy anabolic steroids very freely according to you will and requirement.

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No Minimum Order Required 
It’s very easy and beneficial to buy anabolic steroids no minimum order online, if you know the right place to buy anabolic steroids no minimum order online. You can easily find the right place to buy anabolic steroids no minimum order online. You just need to do some research online to find the right.
Searching for the Right Alternative Supplement for You! 
You need to be very careful while searching for the sites where you could buy anabolic steroids no minimum order online, as you may come across fraudulent sites, which might be offering NO MINIMUM ORDER condition, but might deliver you fake steroids. So, you must check the reputation of the site, before you go forward to buy anabolic steroids no minimum order online.
You can find the right site by researching a little on internet. The giant search engines like, Google, Yahoo, and MSN, can help you find sites and buy anabolic steroids no minimum order online. You can buy anabolic steroids no minimum order online, using the power of internet right from your home
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Order Anadrol Online – It’s Safe & Easy!

Order Anadrol Online – It’s Safe & Easy!

Anadrol is a strong oral androgen with a highly acute anabolic component. The international pharmaceutical company Syntex introduced ‘Anadrol,’ for the first time in 1960. Anadrol is the U.S. brand name for oxymetholone.
Anadrol is a DHT-derived compound, and is 17-Alpha-Alkylated steroid. Primarily, the compound (oxymetholone) was initiated to assist anemia patients, and has since been used very successfully to relieve people suffering from diseases where weight loss is a worry. It is rather dependable in its ability to step-up red blood cell (RBC) fabrication, and showed up excellent results in treating severe anemia.
In this way, Anadrol is truly a successful legal alternative for encouraging weight gain, increasing hunger, gaining potency, and raising Red Blood Cell (RBC) count. Anadrol is highly androgenic plus anabolic. It is the most preferable steroids for muscle-builders in the off season, and the most potent oral steroid in the market. The bodybuilding community considered Anadrol as the most efficient oral steroid in ramping up body power and mass. The normal dosage is from 2-4 tablets per day.

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However, it is highly noxious to the liver. About 50% of users reported gynecomastia after its usage. The various fallouts linked with the drug (Anadrol) include loss of hair, pimples, stomach pains, headaches, giddiness, gynecomastia, hypertension, and heavy water retention. Strength and weight reduction generally haps after the cycle. Anadrol also closes down normal testosterone fabrication.
It is very easy order Anadrol online. Now, with the fast developments in the Internet technology, pharmaceutics have started offering medications online. You can easily order Anadrol online while sitting at your home by filling up a simple online form available at different websites. You can check out all online drug suppliers and choose the best to order Anadrol online.

Ordering Anadrol Online

It is very safe to order Anadrol online, as according to federal rules, the consumer safety is the main concern and a legal responsibility for every online pharmaceutics. When you order Anadrol online, remember that the pharmaceutical store you opt, should be marketing FDA approved drugs, because buying prescription from an illegal online drugstore is highly risky.

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How To Build Muscles And Own That V-Shaped Upper Body?

How To Build Muscles And Own That V-Shaped Upper Body?

Every guy who steps into the gym dreams of achieving that great classical V-shaped upper body that commands respect and attention. Many have trained for months, if not years and yet that V-shaped upper body just isn’t forth coming. Ever wondered why?
Before I show you various ways to achieve that glorious ‘V’, you must also be aware that the ‘V’ shape is also an illusion. If you have a wide thick back with a powerful chest, coupled with boulder-like deltoids, your ‘V’ will show up commandingly because those attributes will make your waist look small and thus accentuating the ‘V’ illusion. Fat burning supplements like Xena Clen by MLUSA help with shredding your waist to help show the illusion of th “V” shape!
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Obtaining the Perfect “V” Shape

To have a stupendous upper body, you MUST train your lower body. V-shapes will just be an ugly upper body shape if your legs are like bamboo poles. The excellent full body shape is called the X-frame. Just like those super heroes you see in comic books. If you don’t train legs, you are missing out on training the largest muscle mass. When training legs, many other upper body muscles especially the back and abs will be involved. This gives you the most muscle mass trained in one go. And because you are training so many muscles at one go, you secrete tons of growth hormones when you sleep, further enhancing overall muscle development for that perfect X-frame.

Muscle Groups to Help Promote the X Frame

Another muscle group many people fail to pay attention to is the back. The back must be trained for thickness as well as width. Many back exercises also develop the rear deltoids and the trapezius which are very important to getting that ‘V’. When your back is thick, you will look powerful and with the width, it will make your waist look narrower, thus making the ‘V’ more pronounced. Do bar-bell row, deadlifts for a thick and powerful back. Chin-ups and push-ups (weighted and doing them in a slow controlled motion) will provide you the width or more commonly called ‘wings’.
Another very obvious V-shape illusion creator are your triceps. But most people pay more attention to the biceps than triceps. Why triceps then? Because your triceps, as the name ‘tri’ suggests, has three ‘heads’ and each ‘head’ must be dealt with when you exercise them. They are also 1/3 bigger than your biceps. By training the triceps hard, your upper arms will grow bigger faster, giving more berth to your upper body and again creating a narrow waistline illusion.
The best illusion-shapers are your deltoids. Your delts have 3 ‘heads’. However, most of the time, I see people only working out the front delts. When you develop your delts well, they will be round and boulder-like, and they make your shoulder wide and strong. Now, close your eyes and have a mental image of yourself with a wide thick back, big strong triceps… now, do you see that ‘V’? Add lateral raise, bent-over lat-raisers and upright rows to your routine.
How to have a beautiful ‘V’ if your abs are flabby? Forget the side crunches and side bends. It will only make your waistline thicker. Go on a lose fat program by combining weight lifting, cardio exercises and eating correctly. Your abs will show in no time.
Ahh… to finally stamp your authority in the gym and at the beach, a wide and powerful gladiator’s chest will put you ahead of the pack! Train your chest heavy with dumbbells, barbells and cables machines. Use incline benches rather than flat or declining ones. You want to build the upper chest and not targeting the lower chest in case it gets you the droop or saggy chest which we call ‘bitch tits’. Although the pec is one huge muscle, it can be targeted at different places to recruit different fibres to shape it.

Can Fat Turn Into Muscle Or Muscle Into Fat?

Can Fat Turn Into Muscle Or Muscle Into Fat?

Can muscle turn into fat or fat turn into muscle? How many time have you heard this hilarious fats and muscles myth?

Yes, this is one fats and muscles myth that will never go away. Get this straight. Fat will never turn into muscle and muscle will never turn into fat.
The reason is simple. Your body fats and muscles are made up of completely different cell structure and they are so different that they cannot be converted to each other. Your muscle is very much alive and work very hard whereas fat just sits there doing nothing and just plain looking ugly. How can they be the same or can be converted to each other?

How did this fitness myth come about then? Well, let me offer some suggestions.

 When a fat person train with weights, he will build muscles and then for his muscle definition to show, he will have to lose fat. He will do cardio exercises and eat healthily to achieve a healthy fat loss. When that is accomplished, he will revealed a lean muscular body because he has already
packed on some muscle mass and have lost a substantial amount of body fat from his lose fats and build muscles program.
So when people see his new found lean muscular body and noticed that his body fat is now gone, some will comment that his fats has turned into muscles. Isn’t that a nonsensical comment? Not just nonsensical, it is downright

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Now, just say that this same guy has lost his motivation to train for whatever reasons and because he no longer wants to maintain his lean muscular body, he naturally will lay off exercises and start to eat unhealthily. Gradually, he will put on body fat because of his unhealthy diet and the fact that he no longer exercise to burn calories. Then as he put on more fat, the fat begins to cover up his muscles and his muscles are no longer noticeable.
Ahhhh….these same people who do not know the biology of muscle and fat will proclaim that his muscles has turned into body fat. Well, these chaps must be magicians or how else can muscle turn into fat or fat turn into muscle?
Why am I exposing this fat and muscle myth? Because it is funny? Well perhaps that too. But the main reason is that this fat and muscle myth has put alot of people away from exercising to build muscles and continue to indulge in unhealthy eating habits by proclaiming that there is no point building muscles because once they stop, they will get fat. Again, this is rubbish because most of them are fat to begin with anyway. It is just a lazy excuse not to exercise and eat healthily.
So if you have friends who tout this fat and muscle myth to you, send them this article. You may be doing them a great favor when they realized the truth and head for the gym to build some muscles and lose body fat. To correctly implement a muscle building supplement you must first take in to consideration that you have to exercise and eat healthy or it will result in weight gain.
Then what about you? Are now convinced that muscle will never turn into fat and fat into muscle? If not, write to me and tell me why.

The Science Of Muscle Building

The Science Of Muscle Building

Bodybuilding involves more than just lifting weights. It pays to have an understanding of human kinetics. How do muscles work?
Muscles develop by making them work. Muscles can only work when the body is in motion. They work extra when we are in full motion. Thus, to develop the muscles to the maximum, we must make them work to the best of our abilities. Hence, the bodybuilding principle of “No Pain, No Gain.”
You can’t grow your muscles by doing nothing. You have to move around a lot. The only thing that will grow in points of inertia, if you remain stationary, is your weight. If you want muscle growth and power, you must work your body methodically. Muscle training is called a workout.
Muscles can be toned (or conditioned) by regular activities like brisk walking, jogging, and doing other slightly heavy works. But toning muscles will not grow them in size and beauty. You have to do more —lots more — to have stunning muscles. You have to workout. By the very term “workout,” you can have a good idea of what it takes to grow muscles.
Bodybuilding procedures using weights and other heavy-duty activities are the best-known muscle growers so far. You have to devote your life into this if you w

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ant extra visible muscles on you. You also have to do away with vices like smoking, drinking liquor, eating junk foods, etc.

Muscles grow in size only when they are moving. Try to be still in front of a mirror and you’d see no sign of any bulking muscle taking shape. Now, clench your fist hard, and muscle evidence will show at least on your forearm. This simple principle illustrates the potential of muscles being developed through repeated and graduated motions. As muscles are subjected to repeated exertions that gradually increase intensity, they grow and toughen.
The more intense the muscle activity, the better and faster the muscle is developed. Hence, a systematic muscle development program incorporating increased muscle stimulation builds more muscles effectively. If your exercise features no such system of increasing efforts and challenges to your muscle strength, your muscles can only grow so much. Some exercises do form muscles, but only to a certain extent. The muscles built only become regulating muscles that enable you to perform normal tasks effectively. But they cannot exceed in performing beyond such tasks.
On the contrary, a fully developed muscle does not only allow you to do normal tasks; it is calibrated to reach its full potentials — far beyond what regulating muscles can do. Bodybuilding helps you develop your muscles to the extreme.