Legal Steroids Mumbo Jumbo-STACKS and CYCLES-What are those?!

Legal Steroids Mumbo Jumbo-STACKS and CYCLES-What are those?!

Anybody who is looking to kick up their exercise routine or get into shape has probably come across the words “stacks” and “cycles”. When you are looking for legal steroids or bodybuilding supplements, you have surely seen these words at least a dozen times.

Difference Between Stacks and Cycles 

In this blog-I am going to lay out the differences between the two. I found a company ( that answered my questions and suggested a few products that achieve the goals most people need when looking to supplement their body building routine.

Legal Steroid Stacks= A combination of various Anabolic Supplements all taken simultaneously over a certain period of time

Legal Steroid Cycle= One Anabolic Supplement taken over a certain period of time

For the Beginner-An Anabolic Steroid Cycle:

1.Testosterone: If you are a first timer to using legal steroids there are many options for you to chose from.  Most people find a simple testosterone cycle to be helpful. Testosterone is anabolic and androgenic and most healthy adult men can benefit from a testosterone boost. Militant Muscle Anadrolic” is a perfect example for a  testosterone cycle

Anadrolic Testosterone Supplement

Testosterone Booster – Militant Muscle Anadrolic

2.Weight Gainers/Muscle Builders: Some people are looking to bulk up and put on a little extra muscle mass. Muscle Builders can help with this significantly. Militant Muscle “Dianadrol”

3.Maintaining your new physique: Once you get your testosterone on and bulk up, you need a product to help maintain that-testosterone and muscle support will be that product. Militant Muscle has a great product for that-“Decatest”.

4.Weight Loss/Fat Burners:  Lastly, some people need a boost to lose some fat before they start bulking up muscle, fat burners will help with that, or even after a cycle, may of put on too much bulk and want to reduce a bit. “Clenodren” by Militant Muscle is your product for that.

So all in all-Cycling is taking one of the above products alone-most of these products will last you about a month….now-on to Stacks…

There are many combinations of the above products to stack-the most common stacks are the “Rock Hard Muscle Mass Stack” which combines Dianadrol, Clenodren and Decatest.  Another popular one is Militant Muscle 4 pack, which combines all four of their products, Dianadrol-Anadrolic-Clenodren-Decatest. You can take the Dianadrol, Anadrolic and Decatest together for a month and then take the Clenodren about a week after you finish the stack, so that stack will last you about two months!

Most people need to experiment to see what works best for them-Stacks provide pretty quick results, but with cycling-you get the same results over a longer period of time-Either way you can’t go wrong.

By: Tom St.Thomas



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