New Legal Steroids Hit The Market in 2017

New Legal Steroids Hit The Market in 2017

As someone always looking to improve themselves-I received an insider tip on a new legal steroid supplement line about to hit the web…PharmaSupplements! I was able to obtain free samples on all of PharmaSupplements products and I am going to tell you all about it!

PharmaSupplements will be available for the public to purchase about Mid-January. PharmaSupplements line contains six products. These legal steroids are designed to help with muscle mass, weight gain, weight loss, muscle building, fat burning, muscle growth, mass gains and testosterone support.

Best Products for Muscle Gains

The first product I tried was their D-ANOBOL. D-ANOBOL is a weight gainer and muscle builder. Each bottle contains 100 capsules and that is enough for a 30 day supply (you can take up to 3 a day). This product is ideal for anyone just starting out or looking to gain some muscle. I took this with my breakfast, lunch and dinner with a full glass of water each day.

The second product, with I actually stacked with the D-ANOBOL was A-DROL. A-DROL is a muscle growth accelerator and helps with mass gains. Each bottle contains 100 tablets and that will last you about 3 months (taken once a day). This product really helped me at the gym getting though my workouts also. I took this right before (about 30-60 minutes) before I worked out.

ANDRO-DECANATE is the third one I tried, also I stacked it with the D-ANOBOL and A-DROL. ANDRO-DECANATE is a muscle builder and supports testosterone. Each bottle contains 50 capsule that will last about 2 months (taken once a day). I noticed this product helped me keep my gains from the D-ANOBOL and A-DROL. I took this product about mid-day.

Pharma Supplements Andro-Decanate

Pharma Supplements Andro-Decanate Recovery Supplement

STANZALL is PharmaSupplements fat burner and muscle builder. A STANZALL contains 60 capsules and you can take 1 or 2 a day, so it will last either a month or two. This product gave me some extra energy and toned up my muscle gains. I took the STANZALL before breakfast I also started STANZALL about 2-3 weeks after I finished the D-ANOBOL/A-DROL/ANDRO-DECANATE stack.

CLEN-1 is also a fat burner and thermogenic activator from PharmaSupplements. CLEN-1 has 30 capsule and you take 1 a day and that will last a month. My friend took this product and was very happy with the results He took this midday about an hour or two before his workout. You could stack this as well with the D-ANOBOL and A-DROL too if you wanted.

TREN-1-ANDRO is a mass builder and helps with strength gains. TREN-1-ANDRO has 60 tablets, two a day-you can take together or spread them out over your day, A different friend of mine took this and his strength gain was incredible.

All in all PharmaSupplements seems very promising and will be a major force in the bodybuilding supplement market.

By: J.B. Smith






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