Muscle Building Magic-DECCABOLAN

Finally! A supplement that lives up to its claims-DECCABOLAN!

About three months ago I decided to kick myself into high gear. I needed to get in better shape and run like the well oiled machine I deserved to be.

After some research via websites and fitness magazines I concluded Deccabolan would work best for me. I needed to build muscle and gain some strength, Deccabolan would give me that push I needed. It can help build testosterone levels, provide some extra energy, improves mood and libido-along with the muscle building and strength too.

I ordered my Deccabolan, which is a legal steroid,  from Muscle Labs USA. The ordering process was super easy and my product came in 3 days-for real, I ordered on a Monday and I had it on Thursday! The directions are easy enough, take 1 a day for 30 days-each bottle has 30 capsules. I took mine after breakfast.

Along with taking the Deccabolan I fine tuned my eating style. No more greasy fast food breakfast sandwiches. Along with upgrading my life, I was also saving money by preparing my meals at home. I found a plain whole grain toasted English muffin with a fried egg (in coconut oil-which seems weird-but it has good fats and the coconut taste is barely noticeable-if anything it gives your food an exotic taste!) is just as good as one from a fast food place. I still had to have my coffee with flavored sugar free creamer and I always had some fresh fruit with the breakfast. I also tried to make sure to up my water intake to the recommended 8, 8oz glasses a day.  At work, for lunch I packed a salad full of greens and veggies-using extra virgin olive oil, red vinegar, lemon juice and salt and pepper for dressing. I would include a protein in the salad like 3 hard boiled eggs or grilled chicken. I would also eat a healthy soup, like something low fat from a can or homemade vegetable which would last all week. I would drink unsweetened tea. For my mid-day snack, I would eat a handful of mixed nuts and string cheese. For diner, I just ate normal, but watched my portions.

My workouts are usually done in the early evening. Here is where the Deccabolan works its “magic”!  After about 3 days it almost seemed like I was excited to workout. (I guess the mood was improving already) Within two weeks, I was able to add weight-my strength was improving as well. I usually did about 20 minutes on the treadmill- a steady jog then I hit the weights.  When I hit my 30 day mark, I went from being able to bench 135 lb. 10 times to working out with 175 lb. 10 times. Muscle building magic at its best!

All in all, I was a very impressed with Deccabolan. I found it to work better than creatine  and my results were

A+ I hope this article helps someone the way Deccabolan helped me!

By Andre D’Ammo

decabolan MLUSA Muscle Builder Supplement

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